Tipsy Brisket 1k Instagram Follower Giveaway Contest

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Our Instagram Page has hit a MAJOR MILESTONE for us, 1,000 Followers!
To celebrate we wanted to give back to our amazing followers and the Instagram BBQ Community by hosting a contest with some of our favorite BBQ products as a prize for one lucky follower!

Special thank you to our sponsors for offering our followers a chance to win these game changing products!

It’s been a great experience making so many new friends on Instagram and learning how to make better content for our followers, the Instagram BBQ Community is second only to the BBQ Competition Community and I think it’s only because I can’t have a beer with all of our followers on instagram like I can at the BBQ Contests!

Cheers to you guys, the followers, and the special few who make it all the way to our website as well! We wouldn’t be here without YOU and we look forward to the next thousand followers!

Visit Our Instagram page @TipsyBrisket and join the Contest!

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