ThermoWorks Thermapen Review

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Every cook needs and Instant Read Thermometer, seriously, if you don’t have one go buy one right now.

ThermoWorks has long been the industry standard. It is the best of the best when it comes to Instant Read Thermometers. The model shown here is a Thermapen Mk4 which reads temps in about 2 seconds. Their latest model the Thermapen ONE reads in 1 second. Most other Instant Read Thermometers read in about 5+ seconds, it may not seem like a big difference but once you use a ThermoWorks Thermapen you never want to go back to 5 second reads. Remember boys and girls, if you’re looking you’re not cookin! The truly instant read definitely helps out and is amplified when you have multiple pieces of meat or multiple places you want to read on a particular piece of protein.

Not only does the ThermoWorks Thermapen provide instant readings, it is also EXTREMELY water resistant allowing you to hand wash it clean and the battery lasts forever. Seriously, I use this thing all the time and the battery lasts for years. It also has a backlit display for night time use and an auto rotating display, both extremely handy. It will automatically turn off to conserve battery and instantly turn on as soon as its moved.

There are some other good instant read thermometers on the market with additional features that we do use and like but none compare to the speed of the Thermoworks Thermapen and none can compete with the 1 second readings of the Thermapen ONE. This Instant Read Thermometer is expensive but well worth the investment as it is built tough and as soon as you use it you won’t want to go back to the slower alternatives. We highly recommend it and consider this a true game changer.

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