The Meat Swadl

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Every once in awhile you come across a product that makes you think “Why didn’t I think of that?” and The Meat Swadl is one of those products. Not only “Why didn’t I think of that” but “Why did it take this long for someone to think of that”!

At it’s core, The Meat Swadl is a sleeping bag for your meat. It’s large enough for a 19lb brisket and because of the velcro flap it can fold down to any size meat to keep it warm and well insulated while resting. It also features zippers on both sides to make it super easy to put your meat in and remove it when done resting.

The Meat Swadl is fleece lined and easy to clean, even if you have a brisket that gets Au Jus all over the inside. In our testing we were able to keep a brisket nice and toasty for 4 hours without any problems at all.

It also happens to fit a competition turn in box perfectly and with the zipper sides it makes it extremely quick and easy to put your turn in box into The Meat Swadl and to remove it when you go to turn it in! A lot of competitors will use Casserole carriers to do this but honestly the Meat Swadl works much better in my opinion. Fits the turn in box nicely and because of the double zippers it makes it extremely quick and easy. Looks more professional as well. As a side note, we also used it this Thanksgiving to keep our casserole warm on the car ride over to the Family’s house, multifunctional!

This is truly a game changer on many different levels and definitely something that every home cook and Competition BBQ cookers should look into!

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