Kurvball BBQ Whiskey

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Kurvball BBQ Whiskey is a unique whiskey with an awesome company behind it. You might be thinking to yourself “what in the world is a BBQ Whiskey?” but one taste and you’ll realize just how true of a description it is. This Whiskey is incredibly smooth, sweet, but not too sweet, and perfectly balanced by a smoky flavor, take a sip and it instantly takes you back to your last BBQ thinking about some amazing ribs on the smoker!

This stuff seriously tastes amazing, pairs perfectly with BBQ and is incredible in a Bloody Mary. My Wife and I are big Vodka fans and of course we love a Bloody Mary for brunch but the first time we tried Kurvball was in a Bloody Mary substituting our beloved Vodka for Whiskey. I didn’t have high hopes for it and thought it would be terrible but one sip and I was HOOKED, honestly I feel it’s the only way to make Bloody Mary’s now, the sweet and smoky flavor pair perfectly with Bloody Mary Mix like it was always supposed to be this way.

The only bad thing I can think of is the current Availability. In my area of Central Texas Kurvball is hard to find. I was finally able to get my local Spec’s to special order cases of it and that’s worked well but several Liquor Stores I’ve talked to weren’t able to or willing to order and stock it. Hopefully you’ll have an easier time. If you are having trouble, try asking your local Liquor Stores if they can special order it for you!

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