Duck Fat Spray

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Your grandma called me, and she wants her PAM spray back!

Duck Fat Spray is what game changers use. This stuff is just a versatile as your grandma’s PAM but it tastes better and is all natural without added chemicals. PAM and other cooking sprays have a lot of additional chemicals added in and can cause a chemically after taste on your food. Seriously, pick up that can of PAM and read the ingredients, next look at the ingredients of Duck Fat Spray, one single ingredient DUCK FAT, that’s it!

Duck Fat Spray is used by competition cookers to not only create a non-stick surface on grill grates but also to spray directly on to the food to give a great subtle flavor and a nice shine and bark, you can also spray it on meat and vegetables to act as a binder for your rub. An extremely high smoke point of 380F is one of the reasons so many gourmet chefs and competition cookers use it, along with imparting that great subtle flavor without the chemical after taste. It’s a little more expensive than regular cooking spray but it’s well worth it in our opinion and all of the benefits and great flavor of Duck Fat Spray is one of the reasons we consider it a game changer in the kitchen and on the competition circuit. There is a reason the majority of top gourmet chefs and competition cookers use Duck Fat, time to elevate your game and give it a try as well!

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