Bachan’s Original Japanese BBQ Sauce

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Bachan is a Japanese term of endearment for “Granny”, and this special sauce is a family recipe from Justin Gill’s “Bachan” Judy Yokoyama. Let me say, Bachan Judy’s recipe is truly next level and Bachan’s Original Japanese BBQ Sauce is one of a kind like Bachan herself. At it’s core it is a slightly thicker Teriyaki Sauce but when you taste it you truly understand the nuanced difference to this sauce. Bachan’s describes it as Umami filled and it actually does this without MSG (I have no problem with MSG but wanted to point out this DOES NOT contain MSG), and leaves you wanting more with every taste. It’s as if they found the cheat code to Teriyaki Sauce and turned the volume up to 11.

The Tipsy Brisket Family LOVES Asian cuisine as you can tell from our recipe’s and especially love Japanese Cuisine, Teriyaki Sauce is a staple in our house but we were always jealous whenever we went to a nice Japanese Restaurant or nice Sushi Restaurant and had their Teriyaki Sauce which had a much more complex and deeper flavor than any Teriyaki Sauce we had made at home or had from the store. Once we found Bachan’s Original Japanese BBQ Sauce it was like a light bulb went off and we realized this was probably what they were using.

Describing it as having an Umami flavor is under representing how addictive this stuff is. You taste it and instantly want more. It adds depth and complex flavor to anything you put it on and can pair well with just about any meal not just asian inspired meals. On top of tasting so good it’s actually vegan, GMO free and they have a Gluten Free option that tastes nearly identical for those who can’t have Gluten, along with two other amazing sauces a Yuzu Japanese BBQ Sauce which has citrus undertones and a Hot and Spicy Japanese BBQ Sauce that is amazing if you like it hot. It also comes in an extremely convenient squeeze bottle, why can’t all sauce come in a bottle like this?

If you like the taste of Teriyaki Sauce you’ve got to try Bachan’s Original Japanese BBQ Sauce, I guarantee you will not be disappointed and it will quickly become a permanent resident in your fridge. Stay tuned for lots of recipe’s featuring this AMAZING Japanese BBQ Sauce!

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